Environmental Social and Governance


Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) has a high degree of importance to regulators, customers, employees and investors. It has a direct impact on a firm’s brand, valuation and revenue, due to potential social and environmental regulations, investor awareness and criteria as well as market perceptions. The RiskLogix aCCelerate ESG software application allows companies to define, assess, monitor, measure and report on their ESG objectives.

Integrate with wider GRC

The aCCelerate ESG application is a comprehensive and flexible solution, that allows multiple ESG frameworks to be mapped into a firm’s entire business universe.  A firm can define its ESG objectives, identify key stakeholders, conduct materiality assessments and define a governance structure to support and monitor performance and actions related to the ESG targets.

The benefit of a centralised repository of ESG objectives with automated governance and monitoring is that it creates linkages between objectives and performance. It enables policies to be linked to ESG goals relating to for example green products, fair pay, business ethics with the ability to measure ongoing performance with automated escalation and dashboard reporting for continuous monitoring. By leveraging the inbuilt integration within the aCCelerate GRC Platform, ESG management can be linked to other GRC activities such as Operational Risk, Compliance, Third Party risk.