Enhancing GRC data quality

A GRC programme is only as good as its data, and so poor quality, patchy or out-of-date data can create real challenges for firms trying to manage risk, improve resilience, and ensure compliance. In turn, those challenges can morph into significant issues for the business in achieving its goals. Connecting aCCelerte GRC to internal technology systems via an API can transform the accuracy and timeliness of data, significantly boosting the organisation’s overall agility.

Automating GRC Intelligence

The aCCelerate GRC API enables financial services firms to connect sources of GRC data, such as technology systems located within business divisions, directly to the platform. By automating these data feeds, organisations save time and resources, and increase data quality. They can also set alerts or other types of workflow to kick off based on those data feeds – for example, if the risk appetite is breached, or if there is a business continuity issue. As well, firms can generate dashboards or reports on this data through BI Reporting quickly and easily. Some types of GRC information that firms may wish to automate include: