BI Reporting

Engage with GRC Intelligence

The key to delivering real business value within GRC programmes is great dashboards and reporting. By putting the intelligence needed to make good decisions into the hands of business leaders, GRC teams are enabling their firms to manage risks with more agility, invest in the right controls, become more efficient, and better understand how to seize opportunities. 

Create essential reporting

Developing powerful dashboards and reports within aCCelerate GRC is quick and easy thanks to the solution’s fully-integrated BI Reporting tool. BI Reporting eliminates the need to manually pull together GRC charts and graphs, eradicating potential compilation errors and saving significant time. BI Reporting enables GRC teams to focus on analysing the data, using hundreds of report templates available out-of-the-box or create bespoke views of their information. With BI Reporting, GRC teams can produce the analysis that’s needed and present it in a dynamic and visually powerful way.