Operational Resilience

Foster strength and agility

Today, the importance of a robust approach to operational resilience for financial services firms can be in no doubt. aCCelerate GRC Operational Resilience enables organisations to connect their programmes directly to their operational risk, enterprise risk, and other GRC information. Data, actions and outcomes are understood in the context of the firm’s overall risk appetite and strategic goals. This enables faster decision-making in times of crisis, stronger resiliency, and ongoing regulatory compliance.

Improve operational resilience

For financial services firms, operational resilience is the ability to prevent, adapt, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions. Looked at another way, operational resilience is an outcome that a firm’s risk and control framework leads to. aCCelerate GRC’s connected approach to operational resilience enables firms to engage with the information needed to make the right decisions, to stay compliant and meet the business’s strategic goals in the face of a crisis. aCCelerate GRC Operational Resilience enables organisations to: