Enterprise Risk Management

Working with ERM data

Gathering and analysing enterprise risk management data – both quantitative and qualitative information – can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. aCCelerate GRC helps firms automate data collection. For example, workflow tools speed collection of qualitative information, while APIs process KPI metrics. Data about all risks, including liquidity risk, credit risk, profitability risk and reputational risk, can be analysed quickly and easily.

Make good decisions with GRC Intelligence

Managing enterprise risk well within financial services organisations isn’t just about collecting data – it is also about analysing that data and sharing insights across the business. aCCelerate GRC enables firms around the globe to create true GRC Intelligence from enterprise risk management data – it is a solution that takes an integrated approach to data capture, analytics, and reporting. With aCCelearate GRC, organisations are able to:

  • Create a single source of ERM data – Bring together qualitative and quantitative information within a secure, unified platform.
  • Use APIs to harvest KPIs – Extract quantitative KPIs from business systems, such as liquidity and credit risk metrics, and automatically populate aCCelerate GRC with the data.
  • Create GRC Intelligence with BI Reporting – See who is approaching their limits. Understand who is most exposed from an ERM perspective. Explore hundreds out-of-the-box report templates or create a new one.
  • Automate monitoring of limits – Set target levels for limits, as well as alerts and workflows should limits be breached.
  • Link risk appetite to what happens – Connect qualitative statements and quantitative metrics back to the risk appetite, so the business understands if it is operating within its limits.
  • Manage incidents and issues – Ensure actions to remediate issues are carried out through a range of tools. Have one go-to source for reporting to the board, regulators, and other stakeholders.
  • View enterprise risk and resilience together – Analyse how risk management and operational resilience impact the organisation in an integrated way