Implementation of aCCelerate GRC

Roll out aCCelerate GRC in a matter of weeks, not months, shortening the time it takes for your programme to deliver real business value to your organisation. aCCelerate GRC is ready for action out-of-the-box, with only configuration needed. RiskLogix’s experienced team with its in depth knowledge of risk will partner with your organisation to create the workflows you require, and ensure the implementation of the technology across the firm goes as smoothly as possible.

Financial services firms can select from three different implementation options, including:

Training on aCCelerate GRC

Learn how to get the most out of aCCelerate GRC from the experienced trainers on the RiskLogix team. RiskLogix works with each financial services firm it partners with to establish training needs for core users up front, and to provide in-person training either on-site or online as required. RiskLogix will also provide support to GRC teams as they roll the solution out across the organisation. RiskLogix is dedicated to supporting the users of aCCelerate GRC educationally as their engagement with the solution deepens, too.

Customer Support

Obtain the support that your organisation needs from the experienced RiskLogix team. RiskLogix customer support provides rapid resolution of the queries or issues that organisations may encounter. Support is provided in a variety of ways – via phone calls, online, in-person meetings, and emails. RiskLogix has a strong track record of compliance with SLAs – the financial services firms who partner with us appreciate the depth of experience and attention to individual needs we bring to providing customer support. RiskLogix support and technical teams are required to partake in the 3 day Risk Practitioner’s course run by RiskLogix