Risk Analytics

Intelligence beyond compliance

Although scenario analysis is often required for operational risk regulatory compliance, financial services firms have the opportunity to get much more value out of these exercises if they use the right approach. aCCelerate GRC Risk Analytics enables financial services organisations to better understand their risk and control environment through scenario analysis, enabling the business to make more well-informed decisions about investments in controls. As well, organisations are better able to connect what happens on-the-ground with the risk appetite. 

Understand risks and controls

Often financial services business executives are confronted with traffic light-based reports on risks and controls, and are at a loss to relate the meaning of the colour scheme to what is happening within their operations, their strategic goals, or their bottom line. By directly relating risk and controls outcomes to monetary values, aCCelerate GRC enables firms to base decisions on intelligence that connects directly to the daily challenges they face. In aCCelerate GRC, firms are able to:

Additional support for scenario analysis

Many organisations interested in driving more business value out of scenario analysis activities have partnered with RiskLogix Consultancy and RiskLogix Training. Both of these services have enabled hundreds of financial services firms around the globe to learn more about the best practices that are right for them, and implement these approaches quickly and effectively.