Operational Risk

Enhance business performance

Operational risk data can be an incredibly rich source of insight for financial services firms who understand what information to gather and how to probe it. So, having the right technology in place to support GRC intelligence is essential. aCCelerate GRC Operational Risk enables firms to collect, analyse and share this information – helping the business understand how it can be more efficient and effective, to deliver more value.

Understand operational risk

Enriched with operational risk industry expertise over 15 years, aCCelerate GRC is a solution developed through partnership with best practices in mind. Used by more than 85 financial organisations around the globe, it has been voted best-in-class for operational risk software by independent industry analysts. 

aCCelerate GRC Operational Risk helps firms to:

  • Maintain a single source of information – Adopt governance best practices by creating one library for all risks, controls, and key indicators. Maintain a golden source for all GRC data.
  • Operationalise the risk appetite – Connect the risk appetite to RCSAs, KRIs, and other forms of operational risk data to fully translate policy into reality across the business.
  • Capture loss events – Enable the business to submit loss event data via online forms, which trigger incident alerts and workflows. Connect events to risks and controls through causal analysis.
  • Monitor KRIs and KCIs – Track key indicators proactively with automated data via API. Set up alerts and workflows should indicators thresholds be breached.
  • Harvest more value out of RCSAs – Link RCSAs with risk and control data to better understand what is working – and not working – within the organisation. Conduct cost-benefit analysis of risks and controls.
  • Communicate about operational risk – Engage with fully integrated BI reporting to create interactive dashboards and reports that will help key stakeholders understand operational risk across the business. Or use dozens of report templates out-of-the-box.
  • Prepare for scenario analysis and capital calculations: Have all of the necessary data ready and waiting for use in aCCelerate GRC’s Risk Analytics and Capital Analytics modules.