Ensure policies are adhered to

Financial services firms are under an increasingly significant regulatory burden, and there are no signs that the pace of regulatory change is going to ease any time soon. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to find more efficient and effective ways to ensure their compliance obligations are met. aCCelerate GRC Compliance enables organisations to centralise compliance information and automate key processes, reducing resource requirements. It also features unique compliance analytics, increasing the quality of data-driven insights.

Comply more effectively

Many firms around the world use aCCelerate GRC Compliance to reduce costs and boost insights, increasing business value as well as helping to ensure regulatory requirements are met. While regulatory change is set to continue, the solution helps put organisations on a more sustainable footing. aCCelerate GRC Compliance enables firms to:

  • Build an obligation library – Capture all compliance obligations for the organisation in one central place. Connect those obligations to risks and controls.
  • Capture compliance breaches – Enable firm-wide compliance breach reporting, with easy-to-use online forms. Automatically kick off workflows from reported breaches.
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis of controls – Understand the cost of controls relative to the benefits they give in managing compliance risk. Improve control effectiveness.
  • Monitor key compliance indicators – Automate monitoring of KCIs through our API, as well as action management, addressing policy transgressions as soon as possible.
  • Meet compliance obligations – Many firms use aCCelerate GRC Compliance for complaint management, gift and hospitality registration, sensitive activities reporting, personal account dealing filing, and conflict of interest reporting.
  • Manage policies – Maintain all of the firm’s compliance policies in a single repository. Automate policy acknowledgment, attestation, exception management, tracking and reporting.
  • Share compliance metrics – Use BI reporting to create interactive dashboards and reports, helping all three lines of defence to better understand compliance risk.