This online live workshop addresses the new regulatory approach to setting Pillar 2 capital requirements, with comments and discussion on all elements of ICAAP.

Attendance at the workshop will enable to you to:

  • Benchmark your firm’s ICAAP against the industry as a whole
  • Gain a comprehensive, practical understanding of an ICAAP
  • Highlight business benefits of producing an ICAAP
  • Learn to develop and apply scenarios to more accurately calculate your risks
  • Get management buy-in

This focused workshop will benefit individuals within group risk and finance functions, compliance and governance, and those in strategic management.

The morning ICAAP session will include:

  • Elements of an ICAAP
  • Pillar 2A
  • Pillar 2B Buffer / capital needs / loss absorption
  • Pillar 2B RM&G
  • Your ICAAP Calculation

Online course dates to be announced

The afternoon Scenario Analysis session will include:

  • Interpreting scenarios in the context of operational risk
  • Developing further scenarios that you can use
  • Applying scenarios, both deterministically and probabilistically

Full details of the subjects covered in both sessions can be seen in the workshop brochure available above.

Facilitated group exercises will be held throughout the workshop to enable delegates to gain maximum benefit from the workshop by networking with other delegates.


For further information please email training@risklogix-solutions.com.