Managing risk proactively

Banking industry customers around the globe engage with aCCelerate GRC in different ways, depending on their firm’s individual business and regulatory needs. For example, today aCCelerate GRC’s existing customers use the solution to:

  • Capture ERM metrics, including liquidity, funding, market, credit, pension funding, global strategy and complaints data points, through APIs. Align with risk appetite and risk taxonomy.
  • Undertake assessments to obtain quantitative and qualitative information about risks and controls from the business.
  • Manage compliance breaches from detection and assessment through to remediation. Automate alerts and reminders. Track and report progress. Perform compliance reviews.
  • Detect and manage important operational risks such as cyber risk, vendor risk and legal risk within the solution.
  • Perform scenario analysis to identify emerging risks and better understand ways to improve operational resilience.
  • Calculate operational risk capital for each business line, and measure business line performance based on the capital required.
  • Create dashboards and reports for stakeholders that enable them to understand ERM, operational risk and operational resiliency in a more unified way.

aCCelerate GRC’s unified platform supports the need for banking customers to hold all of their governance, risk and compliance information in one secure place. It also enables banks to communicate about risks and controls much more easily with the business, across complex organisational structures and geographic locations.