Capital Markets

Engaging with GRC Intelligence

Asset management firms, broker-dealers, and other types of capital markets-focused organisations within the financial services industry face a wide range of governance, risk and compliance challenges. aCCelerate GRC enables them to take a more unified approach to data collection, workflow, analysis, and reporting. Capital markets firms use aCCelerate GRC to:

  • Manage a range of ERM risks, including advisor concentration, business growth, product pricing competitiveness, reputational risk, investment performance, supplier risk, and operational resilience.
  • Automate the firm’s compliance monitoring programme across the globe. Enable the business to certify completion of essential compliance tasks. quantitative and qualitative GRC information across the business, to better connect risk appetite to business strategy and goals.
  • Acquire key compliance indicators through APIs, to track how well the firm meets regulatory expectations in real time.
  • Receive information about operational risk and compliance incidents quickly through online web forms completed by the business. Manage the investigation and resolution of incidents with best practice workflow aligned to the organisation’s business processes and structure.
  • Utilise the events module to automate key processes within internal audit, operational resilience, compliance monitoring, conduct monitoring, policy management, suspicious activity monitoring, and control testing.
  • Perform operational risk, operational resilience, and compliance risk scenarios to better understand the firm’s vulnerabilities and required responses.
  • Calculate operational risk regulatory capital and economic capital charges, and compare across different business lines to better understand profitability.
  • Feed data from aCCelerate GRC directly into performance dashboards used by the C-suite and senior management.

The powerful functionality within aCCelerate GRC enables capital markets firms to support a wide range of GRC activities, including internal audit, ERM, operational risk management, compliance, and others. The fully-integrated BI Reporting capability supports these firms in making important connections between different kinds of GRC Intelligence, giving decision-makers the opportunity to discover new insights.