Chase Cooper Rebrands to RiskLogix

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New brand reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to providing financial institutions with award winning GRC software, consulting and training solutions

23 June 2020 – Chase Cooper – an international GRC software, consultancy, and training company with a total focus on the financial services industry for more than 15 years – is changing its legal name to RiskLogix Solutions Ltd. with a new brand RiskLogix.

The RiskLogix management team, believe the new name better reflects its innovation roadmap incorporating best-in-class software, content and domain expertise. RiskLogix provides:

• Technology – Award-winning aCCelerate GRC software platform with over 23,000 end users in 80 countries. It incorporates the full range of quantitative and qualitative GRC functionality applied to a variety of enterprise risk management use cases. including operational risk and resilience. This platform was recently ranked as a Winner in the Operational Risk Category in the 2020 RiskTech100 rankings.
• Consulting – Through its consultancy services, RiskLogix has supported the enhancement of hundreds of firms’ risk cultures, appetites, and policies over more than 15 years.
• Training – RiskLogix offers internationally-accredited risk training courses, as well as workshops on essential topics such as the ICAAP for operational risk, and scenario analysis & stress testing. RiskLogix also works with firms to create bespoke training courses.

“RiskLogix reflects our tradition of practical innovation in our software, consulting and training,” says John Kiddy, CEO. “Everything we do is focused on helping financial institutions demonstrate ROI quickly within their GRC programmes. For example, by supporting firms with a unified, agile technology platform that provides GRC Intelligence, we are enabling firms to engage with the information they need to make better decisions, driving business value.”

“The GRC landscape is over-populated with hundreds of look-a-like software products with generic functionalities such as loss-data collection or self-assessment, “says Peyman Mestchian, non-executive director at RiskLogix. “RiskLogix’s key differentiator is its total focus on financial services, with specific intellectual property, expertise and functionality for banks, capital markets and insurance companies.”

About RiskLogix
RiskLogix with its deep domain expertise is a GRC solution provider, specialising in Financial Services. Headquartered in London UK, RiskLogix uses its innovative award- winning software, aCCelerate GRC, to partner with clients to deliver outstanding business and compliance benefits. With over 23,000 end users aCCelerate GRC is live in more than 80 countries around the globe. RiskLogix’s result focused consultancy and risk training programmes have supported hundreds of financial institutions across the globe to drive and improve their enterprise risk management strategies.

For more information contact:
Rohini Uppal

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