RiskLogix launches Operational Resilience Module

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Award winning aCCelerate GRC expanded to include an operational resilience module.

London 23rdJuly 2020 – RiskLogix an international GRC software, consultancy, and training solution provider for the financial services industry today announced it had introduced operational resilience to its suite of modules within the aCCelerate GRC platform.

The aCCelerate GRC Operational Resilience Module is rapidly implemented and integrates with existing modules across multiple business lines and geographic locations.

The solution is a significant enabler for customers as it automates key processes of Operational Resilience and integrates this with existing operational risk taxonomies.

The new module will provide business services libraries, tolerance setting and monitoring, resource analysis, early warning and escalation processes and detailed analytics around resiliency experience and, when sufficient use data is available, a machine learning algorithm to drive key indicators on a predictive basis.

We believe early adopters amongst our existing client base will see rapid benefits which will increase exponentially as more data is available.

John Kiddy CEO commented ”We are committed to providing integrated solutions that enable firms to manage risk more effectively and efficiently. The recent global events highlight the importance and significance for financial services companies to anticipate, identify and understand the impact of adverse operational disruptions on their business services. We think the linking of operational resilience data to operational risk data within an organisation is key to understanding and mitigating the impact of such events to the business. The new module offers a comprehensive solution to current and future requirements in this area within a single integrated platform.”

About RiskLogix
RiskLogix with its deep domain expertise is a GRC solution provider, specialising in Financial Services. Headquartered in London UK, RiskLogix uses its innovative award- winning software, aCCelerate GRC, to partner with clients to deliver outstanding business and compliance benefits. With over 23,000 end users, aCCelerate GRC is live in more than 80 countries around the globe. RiskLogix’s result focused consultancy and risk training programmes have supported hundreds of financial institutions across the globe to drive and improve their enterprise risk management strategies.

For more information contact:
Rohini Uppal
website: https://risklogix-solutions.com

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