Accredited Operational Risk Professional

ONLINE ‘LIVE CLASSROOM’ style structured course that provides a technical yet practical understanding of Enterprise ORM for risk managers, and is designed to improve your knowledge, skills and expertise in risk techniques and best practices.

Benefits to you:

  • Gain in depth understanding of the principles of enterprise operational risk and governance and how best to apply these in your organization
  • Theoretical and practical application of principles
  • Benchmark your organisation against the many industry examples that will be given
  • Learn the skills of how your knowledge can help you prepare your organization for the unexpected e.g pandemics
  • Meet like minded professionals from different financial services sectors and share experiences and gain knowledge

Benefits to your organization:

  • Drive new organisational thinking and broaden perspectives
  • Provides a platform for Embedding Risk culture
  • Risk managers who truly understand and contribute to your business objectives
  • Trainers are industry risk professionals with in depth practical experience in all aspects of risk management

Key facts:
Our online live Classroom Course and community in numbers:

  • 7 days average course length, Daily session
  • 22 hours average course learning time including assessment
  • 7 modules, 15 sessions, Average classroom time - 3 hours
  • 6-10 Average participants per course
  • 600+ Certified Practitioners across the world
  • £1,200+VAT per person (10% Early Bird Discount available, see table below)

Accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 11, the course is structured as foll0ws:

  • Module 1: Operational Risk Governance
  • Module 2: Basic Processes
  • Module 3: Advancing the process
  • Module 4: Modelling OR
  • Module 5: Operational risk and control appetite
  • Module 6: Developing scenarios and ORM reporting
  • Module 7: Operational risk and control appetite

Course Dates

Dates/Price per personEarly bird price Daily start time
28th July to 6th August 2020
(Tue/Wed/Thurs/ Fri/ Tues/Wed/Thurs)
£1,000+VAT until 22nd July 2020 (Launch Discount)10:00 GMT
15th September to 24th September 2020
(Tue/Wed/Thurs/ Fri/ Tues/Wed/Thurs)
£1,080+VAT until 14th August 202010:00 GMT
13th October to 22nd October 2020
(Tue/Wed/Thurs/ Fri/ Tues/Wed/Thurs)
£1,080+VAT until 14th September 202010:00 GMT
10th November to 19th November 2020
(Tue/Wed/Thurs/ Fri/ Tues/Wed/Thurs)
£1,080+VAT until 12th October 202010:00 GMT


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